Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mystery revisited...

A sharper image of the murdered micro from the other day. Click for a larger picture. Rusty scales and black specks can be seen. It also has striped legs though this is difficult to see in this one.  Its now looking more like ustella? Anyone?

See further down for the original post about this moth.

Above - Comparison with my moth, centre, and two variable ustella. The spotting on the bottom individual is echoed in the centre individual.


  1. Ypsolopha ustella would be my shot Stewart. Very variable, but one of the few that is flying at this time. I caught two of them this year, both entirely different although one was similar to your example. BUT, I am still wearing L plates mate and making a heck of a lot of ID mistakes. Fortunately we have a very good "micro man" in these parts.

  2. It's hard enough identifying micros from photos when they are alive .....

    I'm sure it must be ustella - as I said before there are very few alternatives around at this time of year and the wing-span you gave fits.