Saturday, 5 March 2011

Let the Survey commence...

Last night was the first 2011 Garden Moth Survey. It takes place each Friday from now until November right across Britain. Last year started with a blank session so I was pleased that, despite the cold, I caught three moths...

An almost empty trap...

Above and below - Below is Agonopterix heracliana, but what about the one above? The spotting is different. Could it be ciliella? I haven't recorded it yet as I'm not sure of the identity...

Above - The two usual suspects at this time, Pale Brindled Beauty and Hebrew Character.

It would be great to get through the whole lot without an empty session. 

0688 Agonopterix heracliana 1
1926 Pale Brindled Beauty (Phigalia pilosaria) 1
2190 Hebrew Character (Orthosia gothica) 1

3 moths of 3 sp.

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  1. I always record mine in the garden as heracliana, but separation from ciliella is not possible/reliable on forewing views only. Every one I've ever checked has been heracliana which gives me the confidence to record them as such and hopefully allow me to one day notice the one that is a bit different and worth checking. To ID ciliella, close scrutiny of the hindwing cilia is necessary I'm afraid - see images on UK Moths: