Monday, 14 March 2011


No moths last night. Too cold for the trap. It was 3 degrees by 4pm and down to -2.5 through the night. This is the top of my car this morning, so I probably made a wise decision by not bothering to trap. I have it on now though, even though it was 2 degrees at 7pm...What a glutton for punishment....

[10pm update. Choke box on trap burnt out! Shite up a height!]


  1. "Choke box on trap burnt out!"

    That`s not good, Stewart. Hope you manage to get another before the temps rise again.

  2. I hope so Dean. If it cant be sorted in a week or so I'll be buying a new light kit for the trap...

  3. Stewart - not ideal but you could try a blended bulb in the meantime as they run without a choke (though do not run if rain expected!). 160W MBTF is what you'd need, presume you have an ES fitting. You' just need to wire in a mains cable to the bul holder.

  4. Cheers mark, I'm just going to take a breath and sit this out. Paul Hill seemed really helpful on the phone the other night so I hope he will get the repair done ASAP. On the bright side, at least it is very early in the season. I might miss a GMS night on Friday though...