Monday 14 November 2011

Anyone out there....

...know what on earth this is? It was found in a house in Gateshead in early October...pic from Keith Robson....

Answers on a postcard....


  1. Wow, what on earth, I thought Carcina quercana, but it isn't... very exciting!!, anyone any ideas?

  2. Hi Ben, nope its not quercana. If you know of anyone who fancies a stab feel free to lift the picture...

    So far we havent a clue.

  3. You didn't mention the wing-length Stewart! 15-20mm (say 28-36mm wing-span). I'm not sure it's a micro at all - maybe a really odd Silky Wainscot or something foreign along those lines.

  4. I'm afraid it's 'just' Carcina quercana for me, albeit an extremely odd one. The unique posture of the moth alone clinches it for me.


  5. Hi Bill, it isnt quercana. Its too large, the wing pattern and shape and even veins are not correct for that species. So far our own and other former county moth recorders are stumped! I wonder if its come in on fruit or something from tropical climes...