Thursday, 23 December 2010

No 5 ...

Grass Emerald

This one threw me when I first saw it. I am quite familiar with Large and Light Emerald but this one was different, and we don't get Common Emerald here. After some hunting I found it in a different genus in the field guide.

They are a scarce moth here, I'm not sure about elsewhere, but the two in my garden were the only ones in the county this year. In the last decade the maximum number caught in a year has been only 7, so its a nice one to get.... 


  1. That's a lovely moth, Stewart. I was delighted to trap a Light Emerald this year.

  2. Nice, never seen one here, Small, Light, Blotched and Large are frequent though, I guess I will have to travel abit to see it!

  3. Emma - I like green moths they look unusual...
    Ben - I bet you dont need to travel as far as I would to see all of your set!