Monday, 6 December 2010

A moth!

On my way home from work at 6.15pm tonight, the thermometer read zero degrees and snow was falling quite steadily. Under the trees near home a single Winter Moth fluttered and dodged between the flakes.

My only insect for a few weeks and I bet its a while before I see another. Unless the predicted mild spell on Friday tempts the Robinson back out...


  1. Go on, put it out Stewart. Last weekend the icy temperatures eased off for a day and out came the Winter Moths! I now have virtually no chance of getting anything new as I've had Northern Winter Moth and Mottled Umber this year. I think it's now too late to get Sprawler or Scarce Umber..........

  2. Good to see, Stewart. It's very bold being out in this weather.

  3. Well spotted Stewart, if you live near Oak Woodland on a mild winter night there cane be literally hundreds of them if you locate the area that they are in.
    I found a 40w Actinic very effective at this time of year

  4. Matt - I'll try on Saturday when the forecast is for 7 degrees...

    Emma - Bold, its a proper little miracle I reckon :)

    Ben - I only have a 125 MV Robinson....I'll try it from 5 - 10pm on Saturday just as a trial...