Sunday, 14 November 2010

Howick Moths 2010 Report.

Since I've broken the bulb in my trap, now is a good time to finish my 2010 garden moth report. Please click here for a copy.

As this is my first full year moth trapping please feel free to correct me on any errors I've made. Hopefully there wont be too many becasue they should have been ironed out over the year.

Cheers Stewart...


  1. Gosh, Stewart. That's a very impressive piece of work; puts my few notes in a book to shame. Congratulations on a great mothing year.

  2. Nice report Stewart, though (in a good way of course) I hope it is premature - still plenty of time for Winter Moths, Scarce Umber and maybe Mottled Umber to lit windows.

  3. Emma - Thanks, its all down to computer software!

    Mark - If my new bulbs arrive I will try odd sessions when weather permits. Mottled Umber and Winter Moth are the expected but Scarce would be good...