Sunday, 15 July 2012

VC and Northumberland First!

What better a way to end the week when 3 new species graced the garden than to add yet another one, this time though a first for VC68, 0568 Coleophora versurella.

 Better than that, it is a joint first for Northumberland, I say joint because Mike Hodgeson amazingly caught another one on the very same evening!

See post below for 7th July...

0568 Coleophora versurella (Gen Det)


  1. Well done Stewart- how many new for VC have you found so far?...I bet it's more than I've found (1)!

  2. Hi Matt, Yes I've had a good few firsts for VC68 - Buff Arches, Lesser Treble Bar, Tawny Pinion, Mullein, Fen Wainscot to name a few plus micros. Not bad in three years. Thing is, there are very few 'constant effort' recorders in the north of the county, all are in VC67! Now though, a few others have taken the challenge...