Monday, 23 April 2012

Scottish Moths...

We have just been up to Speyside for the week. Hoping that I might 'jam in' on a Kentish Glory, the trap was duly packed along with a tub of the irresistible concoction called simply 'sugar' to dab on fence posts to draw out nectar feeders.

Well, the best laid plans and all that, didn't cater for it still being winter up there with very few moths at all let alone the holy grail.

Not to be beaten, the trap was on every night but the sugar is still in its container.. Only one night was blank when it was clear and -1.5.

Three new species for me plus 3 nice Red Sword Grass that I have only seen once before. 

Code Taxon Vernacular Individuals
663 Diurnea fagella 1
1051 Acleris logiana 1
1750 Lampropteryx suffumata Water Carpet 3
1881 Trichopteryx carpinata Early Tooth-striped 21
1927 Lycia hirtaria Brindled Beauty 1
1947 Ectropis bistortata Engrailed 1
2139 Cerastis rubricosa Red Chestnut 2
2187 Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker 8
2188 Orthosia incerta Clouded Drab 2
2190 Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character 80
2241 Xylena vetusta Red Sword-grass 3

Craignay, Dulnain Bridge.

The garden trap site.
Hebrew Characters, brown scottish ones. Some didnt have any markings.

Brindled Beauty
Acleris logiana

Early Tooth Striped

Red Sword Grass 
A different Red Sword Grass.


  1. Dulnain bridge is one of my favourite spots in Seyside Stew. Iv'e ordered the new micro moths book so hoping at some point in the future doing some garden mothing as long as I don't get overwhelmed! Nice selection of species there.

  2. I do like those Scottish He-bru Characters Stewart. He He (see what I did There?)

  3. Nige - You will get overwhelmed we all do! One day I had 700 moths. They were glued to the lid, the sides all over the shop I couldnt get the top off without them flying away. With this weather though 7 is about the number I expect to catch...

    Matt - I hoped to get an Irn-bru Prominent and endemic to Scotland....