Thursday, 23 February 2012

Well, I didnt expect TWO new species for me last night. Winter Shade and Variable Smudge are both garden ticks.

I had an ustella in early 2010 but flattened it with the base of the pot in a gruesome moth-accident. It was never recorded...

0461 Ypsolopha ustella 1 NEW and alive and well.
1025 Tortricodes alternella 2 NEW
2190 Hebrew Character (Orthosia gothica) 3 NFY

6 Moths of 3 sp.

0461 Ypsolopha ustella

1025 Tortricodes alternella

2256 Satellite ( from the night before)


  1. Winter Shade? Variable Smudge?? WTF!!!

    I'll always use long-established and well-known vernaculars for micros, but I just can't be arsed with these additional 'vernaculars for the sake of it' for species that I have learnt the scientific name which is in much wider use.

    Two that have yet to grace my garden either way. Nice shot of the ustella BTW - are you using something new?

  2. Well done on those two new species Stewart.

    Glad I'm not the only one to have the occasional "accident" with the base of a moth pot :D

  3. Mark - Hehehe I knew that would bring a reaction from died in the wool moth recorders like yourself! I first saw 'Porter's Vernaculars' on a website called Little Snails ( google it?) The chap was mothing every day for 3 years, and I was intrigued by these names. Now, Tom has added them to our county website and what a laugh the names are!

    My own take on it is that you use what every you have learned from, so even at my formative stage, I cant see me calling them by these, but, it might encourage new starters to look at micros if they find latin names too daunting.

    It wont be long before you see Loons and Longspurs on the blog too! I'm off, theres a Common Flatbody on the window...

    RR - Shhhh, there might have been more but you'll never get me to talk!