Sunday, 24 July 2011

Catch Up...

Cool at night this weekend due to Northerlies...

Heres a few for the year list -

Swallow tailed. Not new but my first nice photo of one.

White Line Dart. Caused some confusion with Coast Dart, but I think its sorted now.

Rosy Minor.

Least yellow Underwing. Only new to VC68 a couple of years ago, regular now.


  1. Stewart- you really do seem to be blazing trails up in the cold North. Are there many people trapping in Northumberland? Keep up the good work!
    Never seen Rosy Minor- quite rare in VC30......

  2. Hi Matt,
    There are only about a dozen moth trappers in Northumberland and most of them in VC67. In North Northumbs VC68 there are 3 or 4 of us! So yes it is quite easy to add to the record.

    As for Rosy Minor, it is a regular species in August, if not abundant. I caught 15 individuals in 2010. they can be found easily witha torch on buddleia and ragworts at this time too...

    Cheers Stewart

  3. Hi Stewart. I had a White-line Dart exactly the same as yours two nights ago. It was only after inspecting the hind wing and knocking it out to look at the genitalia that I could be sure. Mine is on See what you think. Cheers, Paul