Wednesday, 25 May 2011

You...are GOLD....

Tonight when I was out with the dog in our village wood I was surprised to find a pair of  0016  Gold Swift (Hepialus hecta)  'lekking'. The female was vibrating on grass while the male hovered about nearby seeking her out.

I left to get the camera and returned straight away. There was no sign of the displaying moths. After a bit of a look around I found the pair, now in cop,on bracken. They look a bit worn after their efforts. They are a good bit smaller than the other swifts ( I have the full set in the Village).

The previous earliest record of this scarce species in the county was on 7th June 2003. Last year I had them in late June, so hopefully I'll find a fresher specimen to photograph. One day I might get it on the garden list, the site is only a couple of hundred yards away...


  1. Excellent. Now what type of bracken is it?

  2. Er, I think there is only one type - Bracken. Unless its a Fern?