Monday, 31 January 2011

Keeping up momentum...

but only just.

0648 White shouldered House Moth.

Well, it has to be added at some time this year...3 kicking around our house all of January so far.

Thats it then, 11 moths of 7 species beats last year where only 4 moths of 2 species were recorded during the month.


  1. I`ve been keeping my eye`s open for one. Maybe this week when it`s forecast to be a bit milder.

  2. You're killing me Stewart! 5 species and counting, down 2 on last year for January. I'm hoping for a warmer February........

  3. Dean - I cant see the weather affecting WSHMs here, they can be in any room!

    Matt - I wouldnt worry Matt, I think your more southerly location will win the day by the end of the summer...